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What is coaching?

Top performers have coaches.  In business, a coach is someone who you can talk to about goals and challenges and someone who can view your work objectively with your interest in mind and provide valuable feedback.  A good coach is an encourager and a gentle critic.

What is the objective of a coaching engagement?

My goal is to help my clients over time eliminate the mental clutter that is getting in the way of their success.  A typical engagement is 12 months and most clients renew their contract for several subsequent years.  Most of our limiting beliefs have been installed and reinforced over a lifetime, so it does take some time to expose those limiting beliefs and retrain our brain to think thoughts that align with our business and life goals.

What is your approach to coaching?

Listen, learn, understand, question, challenge. This cycle is repeated many times over. 

Half hour coaching sessions are scheduled every week or every two weeks depending on the client's needs. Most are conducted via Zoom meetings, some are phone calls, occasionally the meetings are in-person. 


Why should I hire you as my coach? 

You will be more productive. 

You will work on the important tasks and reduce the time you spend on unimportant tasks. 

You will be more confident. 

You will have greater peace of mind and life balance. 

What kind of training do you conduct & what is your specialty?

Sales.  There are so many nuances to sales, so many different aspects.  From breaking the ice and building rapport to overcoming objections and closing the sale, there are many components that can be effectively trained.  Sales techniques, when mastered, can be used seamlessly and effectively in many different business and leadership situations.  I can tailor a training session to fit any organization’s present needs.


How do you conduct your training workshops?

Conversations can be the best teaching tools, they provide the opportunity for the participants to own the answers.  I try to provide training in a light-hearted, conversational manner.  Along the way I might incorporate an improv game or two, tell a couple of stories, allow participants to role-play with me and then provide a good dose of encouragement.


What makes you different from other speakers or trainers?

Credibility.  Some people only talk the talk.  I’ve walked the miles of going door-to-door building trust and credibility one person at a time.  My conviction comes from personal experience, not just some books that I’ve read - although I’ve read a bunch of books as well.


What types of speeches do you give?

Mostly persuasive speeches - encouraging people to take action. This is beyond motivation. The focus is on inspiring and advocating for positive change. I try to address the how to change and the why.


What is your coaching philosophy?

We all have the seeds of greatness within us.  We may not have properly aligned our habits yet to achieve that greatness. Success is a matter of habit - engage success habits and success becomes inevitable.

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