"I have been coaching with Scott Allen for over 5 years now.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to have an accountability partner for any type of profession and who wants to take their profession to a higher level.  Scott helps keep me on track and reminds me of my yearly business and personal goals on a regular basis.  Scott encourages me to think outside the box which helps me to see a different perspective on my relationships with my clients.  Scott has helped me to increase my business professionally and does it in a personal and approachable manner."

~ Joanne

"As the owner of Credit Management Control, Inc., a full-service collection agency whose income is based on contingency fees, I have stressed to my collection staff that being a collector is like being a salesperson more than anything else. Scott Allen gave this message credibility when he recently offered a customized presentation to my staff in the form of a dynamic, motivational and interactive seminar.  Scott offered helpful sales tools and solutions that could be easily applied and extremely effective in the areas of collections and customer service.  Scott’s comprehensive presentation was immensely engaging, as he had my staff up and out of their chairs with interactive activities relevant to the sales concept.  As opposed to him doing all the speaking, he encouraged my staff to make comments, ask questions and sparked lively conversation throughout the day. My staff is already putting into practice some of the techniques and tools he recommended and my company is seeing positive results. I’m looking forward to having him back in the future for follow-up presentations as we train new staff members and offer new insights into effective sales practices to our established employees.

I highly recommend Scott Allen and Bright Future Sales Consulting to anyone interested in increasing their staff’s motivation, creativity, productivity and success."

Jim Brick
President CMC

"I began working with a business coach, Scott Allen a few years ago.  Little did I know that Scott's coaching would not only greatly improve my business production but my overall life as well.  Scott is knowledgeable, approachable, a great listener, and has a customized coaching approach with endless ideas that have helped me optimize business strategies that played to my strengths yet at the same time challenged my shortcomings. My income has increased each year, I learned how I get out of my own way, I have more self discipline, and have become a wiser, more confident person and business owner!"

~ Jackie

"I would recommend other community non-profit leaders to participate in Scott Allen's Mastermind John Maxwell Group Study.  Connecting with key concepts of leadership gave me a new focus and encouraged me to move forward on some important leadership concepts/reality for our future."

~ Terri

"Personal growth is a never-ending journey.  No matter where you are on the path, this course [15 Invaluable Laws of Growth] gives new perspectives to serve as a catalyst for breaking through to new levels of personal growth."

~ Tracy