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Success Guide for Real Estate Sales Thriving in Tough Times gives new perspectives on classic approaches to real estate sales.  Written from the vantage point of the end of the Great Recession this manual provides practical advice to get real estate agents productive and profitable even in a difficult market.

If you are considering a career in real estate sales, just starting your career, or, if you are veteran looking to rejuvenate your career, this guide is the first resource you will want to read.  You will learn:

·        How the right attitude will take you farther

·        The essential elements of a winning business plan

·        Practical tips on using technology and systems to manage your business

·        Effective customer service strategies

·        How to price properties to sell

·        Making the open house effective

·        Common transaction problems and how to deal with them

·        How to work on short sales and foreclosure properties

·        How to generate referrals for long term success

Scott E. Allen is an award-winning sales director and real estate coach.  He is involved in the day-to-day development of seventy real estate agents, helping them achieve their highest potential and work through a tough real estate market.
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