Monday, June 19, 2017

Chart the Course

Finding the clear path forward is our job.  Our clients are going to be too focused on the obstacles and will need our expert leadership.

If they have been down this road before, it has possibly been a while, or they have not travelled this way very frequently, so they need our expert advice.  They need our assurance and our words of encouragement.  They need us to lead them down the path, they need to see us confident in each step.  This is how they can confidently advance to their goals.

If you are involved in a complicated sales process, one that involves many variables in the client decision matrix, then it is imperative that you lead your client like a well-rehearsed tour guide might lead visitors at a popular tourist destination.  The tour guide knows what is coming up next and prepares his audience to maximize the satisfaction in their visit.  The guide is aware of the potential hazards and helps the visitors avoid them.  Expert tour guides are so knowledgeable about the track that they often walk backwards without looking over their shoulder, focusing their complete attention on the visitor experience.

Experienced leaders and sales professionals have the benefit of past successes and failures.  By recalling what has worked for other clients a success path can be modeled for current clients.  Past failures can be used to highlight wrong assumptions or inadequate methods.  The nuances of market conditions can be expertly interpreted and analyzed.

When you see more than your clients, when you see farther than your clients, and when you see things before your clients do, then it is your responsibility to navigate your clients to the goal they seek.  It is your job to plan ahead.  You should expect problems and always point to success.

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