Monday, January 16, 2017

Growing from Here to There

Many of us want to have more.  We want to have more money.  We want to go on better vacations.  We want nicer cars or nicer clothes.  We want a better place to live or to upgrade the place where we now live.  We want a better education for our kids or we want to afford them better opportunities than what we had.  We want more security or more peace of mind.  We want to be someplace in life that we are not now.

In order to have more, we must do more.  What we are currently doing is getting us pretty much what we have right now.  This makes sense.  Where things get challenging is trying to figure out what more can we do in order to get more.  We might think we can work more – like put in more hours working than you are now.  For some, that might be the answer.  That might mean a second job, or overtime, or increasing productivity to earn greater bonuses or commissions.

What if you are already working long hours and there are just no more hours in the day?  I mean, you need to sleep, right?

What about technology, systems, and automation?  Can you increase productivity – your output – without more of your time?  Perhaps.  Great gains can often be made by utilizing tools, and every effort should be made to put the best, and most economical tools to use to improve your efficiency.  Since technology doesn’t stop growing, your quest for better tools should not cease.  However, with rapid and pervasive adoption of technology, your gains will quickly diminish amid competition, and you are left still wanting to do more.

There are ways we can do more in order to have more and that involves becoming more.

For every level of work there is a higher level of work where the person doing the higher level work receives greater compensation than the person doing the lower level of work.  Who makes more money, you or your boss?  You or the owner of the company?  You or your competitor?  You or the national franchise seller?  You or the international business tycoon?  There are very few people who can say that there is nobody making more money than them in their industry.  If that is you, then you shouldn’t be reading this post.

Photo by Dominik Gwarek
When we become more, we qualify to do the higher level work.  We become more by increasing our competence, by improving our character, and by enhancing our relationship abilities.  In order to become more we need to focus on growth.

Ultimately, to have more you must become more.  If you stay the same, you will continue to get the same.  Commit to being a life-long learner, be intentional in your growth, and you will become more.  Along the way you will be rewarded with more in your life because of your commitment to growth and your disciplined pursuit of growth.  It never fails.

Not sure how to grow or where to begin?  Talk to your boss, or find someone who has what you want and emulate them.  Seek out growth opportunities.  Experiment.  Seek advice from trained advisors.  Hire a coach.  Growing from here to there is an expedition that often requires a navigator who can help you discover the way.

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