Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Turn Off the Television

…or any other entertainment device.

In the pursuit of productivity, entertainment gets in the way.  Entertainment dominates our culture today, so much so that we really don’t think of it as entertainment.  It is like air, we expect it to be there, and perhaps, believe that it is essential to our existence.

Television Off!
Entertainment is the news and YouTube videos we watch, the browsing we do on internet news websites or blogs, or the sporting events we attend or watch.  Entertainment is the movies we attend or the ones we watch on Netflix.  Entertainment includes the concerts we attend, the festivals or pot lucks that we go to, and even, to some extent, the Pandora or Spotify music we listen to.  We are entertained by the activities we engage in like golf or yoga class or hunting.

We are obsessed with entertainment.  Work kind of gets in the way.

If we are inconvenience by work, we will often try to multitask and do work while we are being entertained.  We will fold laundry or pay bills while watching our favorite crime investigation program.  We will have the football game on the TV while we clean the house.  We will flip back and forth between work emails and social media.

The reality is that 85% of working age people grew up watching television.  We know no other way of life.  During our lifetime the number of entertainment options has exploded.  We cannot avoid entertainment.

While we can speculate about what the entertainment explosion and our obsession with it is doing to this country’s work ethic, there can be no doubt that limiting your own consumption can give you a competitive advantage.  

A strong work ethic combined with the ability to focus can give a person a distinct advantage over most, perhaps almost all, of one’s competitors.  In today’s entertainment-saturated culture that statement is more true than it has ever been before.

If you are a commissioned sales person or small business owner and you want to make more money, simply turn off the television, don’t click on the social media apps, and be very selective about what you read.  In doing so, you can concentrate more time on growing your business and you will quickly surpass your competitors.

Surpassing your competitors requires discipline.  A sales coach can help you gain the discipline you need to achieve success.  Email me to talk about how Bright Future Sales Coaching can help you.