Monday, March 18, 2013

For Love of Customer

Do we love our customers because their business feeds us?  Do we love our customers for their money?  Do we love our customers because they represent our accomplishments?  If so, then we do not love our customers.

Love is not selfish.  It is not proud.  Love is not quid pro quo.

Instead, love is generous and kind.  It is placing the interests of our customer ahead of our own.  To do so requires faith.

Unrequited love is one of our biggest fears.  To love with no expectations requires courage and it requires faith.  If one never takes the risk to love, one cannot be loved in return.  Love becomes more likely and more valuable the more you give it away.

If we love our customers, we will serve them.  We will go above and beyond all expectations because we care.  If we increase our faith, we can love and serve without reward or accolade.  Faith provides that if we love enough, we will be loved.  When our customers sense that we genuinely care, not only will they adhere their loyalty to us, but they will send others to us to receive our blessings.  The extension of faith delivers abundance.

For love of customer we provide compassionate service.

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