Friday, September 23, 2011

A Clear Vision for Success

To achieve great things you must have a vision.  The vision must be clear and focused.  If the vision is vaguely defined, success is highly unlikely.

Just as a camera is focused on a single object to take a good photograph, so too must we focus our goals.  In a good photograph the object of interest is in focus.  All other objects in the foreground or background are slightly blurry, or out of focus. 

Our vision will either be clear or blurry.  If we fail to focus our vision, we substantially diminish, or even eliminate, the likelihood of accomplishing the vision.  In situations where the vision is blurry, we can really just call those images dreams.  Dreams are often characterized by fuzzy or blurry images off in the distance.

Focusing a camera requires a choice.  One must choose an object to focus on.  When focusing the camera, the lens is shaped or turned to reach to a plane somewhere in the distance in front of the camera.

When we focus on a vision we need to make choices.  The choice involves the distance of the reach toward the vision and the selection of our object of desire.  Some visions will require a greater reach than others.  Perhaps the hardest choice is the selection of the object of desire.  In the process of choosing the object we are forced to look past, ignore, or disregard many other options that might be in our line of sight.

We can do anything we want in our lives, we just cannot do everything we want.  If we try to do too much at one time we will spread ourselves too thin, we will not have enough depth to our focus.  To excel at something our efforts need to be concentrated – at least for a period of time until victory is obtained.  Then, after victory is obtained, one could consider diversifying interests.

Focus, or specialization, requires a certain kind of discipline.  The discipline that is required is the ability to say no to other attractive alternatives.  It is a discipline of faith knowing that the selected path will lead to the promise land – the success that one desires.

Discipline may need to be applied when a career choice is made, or in sales, when a prospecting technique is applied or a market specialization is selected.  One’s vision of success should be based on solid research and good examples.  It is also helpful to have a vision supported by a coach or even a mentor group.  The strength of one’s discipline will be in direct proportion to one’s confidence in the vision.  If you lack confidence in the vision, seek more information about the vision.

Select the object of your focus carefully and you can create beautiful photographs.  You can also create a strong, clear vision that will lead you down the path toward success.

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