Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding and Real Estate Sales

By the time I woke up this morning my wife had turned on the television to catch moments from the Royal Wedding.  I peeked in at about the time the carriage with the royal couple pulled into Buckingham Palace.  When I checked back fifteen minutes later the announcers were talking about the “first kiss” that was to be performed on some balcony of the palace.  They also speculated about the crowd size that would be on hand watching this first kiss.  They suggested there would be several hundred thousand people watching.  I wondered how many people might be watching their television sets around the world to see this first kiss.  Amazing.

In the United States, of course, we have no royal family, no royalty per se.  Instead we create our royalty, give them the thrown temporarily, and then take it away almost as quickly as we give it to them.  I am certainly talking about celebrity.  We created the King of Rock and Roll, the Queen of Soul, the King of Pop, you get the idea.

In real estate sales we create celebrity as well.  We look at top producing agents and think that they are something special.  We exalt them.  We hold them in such high regard it is almost as if they are at the top by birthright.  Sometimes they know it too.  They carry themselves with such confidence.  They talk in a way that suggests that they deserve everything they get just because of who they are.  At least that can be our perspective when we look at them from below.

We yearn for royalty.  We want to place people on pedestals, to make them bigger than they are.  Yet they are mere mortals.

Those top producers were once rookie real estate agents.  They have made mistakes, and still do.  They have been frustrated on the road to success.  They have fallen and have had to get back up and try again.  The only difference between them and you is that they have tasted success in real estate sales.

You can too.

Floyd Wickman always said, “there’s nothin’ special about special people, it’s what they do that makes them special.”

When you decide to stop being a spectator and become a participant you will be on your way to success and celebrity.  You can achieve just like the top producers.  Do what they do, and you will.