Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Give Them the Time of Day

As Realtors get more experienced, and as they get busy, they may tend to cut corners in their buyer and seller presentations.  There may be a tendency to quickly categorize a buyer into a type or to quickly assess a seller’s situation and “handle” the seller in a routine manner.  The fact is that each buyer and each seller is a unique individual with a unique set of needs.  If we take the time to truly understand their individual needs and present to them our services based on those needs, we will provide better service and generate more referrals.

First, break the ice, build rapport, and get to know your prospective client or customer on a personal level.  Show them you care about them as a human being.  Show them love.  Relate to them about family or mutual friends.  Find things in common between you and them.  Talk to them about their occupation or what they do for recreation.  Tell them a funny story about something that has happened in your life.  They are not going to do business with you if they don’t like you, but they might if they do like you.

Next, ask them questions about their situation.  Why do they want to sell or buy?  Why now?  What if they cannot sell?  Take the time to truly understand.  If you don’t understand, ask more questions.  If something doesn’t quite make sense, delve deeper.  Do not move on to your presentation until you really know what the seller or buyer is trying to accomplish and why it is important to them.

When presenting your services make every attempt to convince the seller or buyer that you are the best person for the job.  Present your company information with pride.  Explain to the how the tools that you have will help them accomplish their objectives.  Give details about your background, experience, and techniques, and how they set you apart from the competition.  Ask tie down questions to get them to affirm you and your services at every step in your presentation.  When they agree to work with you we want them to have a resounding YES inside.  When you secure that kind of yes, you secure their loyalty, and they become your fans.

Earning someone’s trust is a very special thing.  Give them the time that they deserve, and they will give you their trust.

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