Monday, November 1, 2010

Referrals are Key to Long Term Success

Years ago the king of a developing country issued a call, in essence a request for proposal, for a new town to be supplied with water.  There were at this point several dozen residents in the new town so a source of water was needed immediately.  The new town was in an arid region of the country and the nearest water source was twenty miles away.

The king received two proposals.  One proposal was from one of the new town’s hardest working residents.  The other proposal was from a resident from the town twenty miles away, the water source.  The out-of-towner’s proposal was rejected because it could not supply the town with water immediately – instead it would begin supplying water two years later.  Recognizing the diligence and the trustworthiness of the new town resident the king issued a contract for the supply of water.

Immediately the new town resident took his wagon loaded with empty buckets to the water source, filled the buckets, and returned to the new town.  The industrious water supplier would make the round trip every day during the early predawn hours.  The water supplier profited tremendously from the generous contract.

As the population of the new town grew the busy water supplier found himself on the road almost constantly making multiple daily trips to satisfy the unquenchable desire for water in the new town.  Before you know it