Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Impressions: Professional Attire Makes a Difference

Classy, professional attire can help overcome mediocre presentation skills and modest self-confidence. For the new agent trying to make solid first impressions professional attire is a must in the real estate business. If veteran agents are trying to move to the next level, they should examine the attire they wear to conduct business.

Dressing up in sharp clothes will generally boost one's self-confidence, which in turn will produce better performance for sales professionals. It is well documented that self-confidence is an important ingredient in sales success. When you look your best you feel your best.

I have known far too many agents that would get dressed up every time they had a closing, but wore average clothing to open houses or buyer and seller presentations. There should be less need to make a good impression at the closing table than at the kitchen table. The goal should be to leave a good impression every time you meet with a client or customer.

People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. The manner in which someone is dressed can make them more appealing or more attractive. People will have a greater affinity or like for someone they find attractive.

While it may be difficult to change our facial features or body shape, we should do our best with what is within our control. We can control how we style our hair or groom ourselves. We can control how we wear make-up or how clean and neat we appear. We also can control our wardrobe.

Realtors should be careful to select clothing that is appropriate to the work they do and best suited for their body type and their personal colors. You can look to some top performing agents as a model of the type of attire that would be best for their market. You may also find successful Realtors whose body type and coloring is similar. Often you can rely on the advice of others in their office - particularly your managers. If necessary, hire a fashion consultant.

Like it or not people rely on their first impressions to help them make important decisions. Investing time, money, and effort in assembling appropriate, professional attire will pay substantial dividends. The failure to make the investment in a professional wardrobe may result in a failure to succeed in the real estate industry.

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