Saturday, September 27, 2008

Property Presentation, Sometimes Called Home Merchandising

How to prepare your home for a quick sale. Presenting your home for top dollar.

There is no doubt that the presentation of a property does influence its marketability. A good presentation can go a long way to achieving a higher sales price or a quicker selling time. Higher and quicker are relative to the overall market, in other words, compared to the competition. Depending on the market conditions one might over-improve a property in preparing it for sale.
You don’t want to put a dime into the property you are selling if you are only going to get a nickel back out.

So, while the preprinted guides and internet articles may be helpful guides, they may also be costing you a lot of money and a lot of time. An experienced real estate professional not only has a keen insight on the market but also has the wisdom to know what improvements will be most effective in your particular case.

This wisdom and experience does not come free and one should not try to take advantage of a Realtor’s experience. The smart Realtors have learned not to give the information away for free and will likely not volunteer too much advise on home prepartation until after they have a signed listing agreement. This is in part what you pay for when you agree to pay a full-service commission. Advice in the area of property presentation alone can net a seller thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of dollars from the sale of their property.

They say free advice is worth what you pay for it. Paid advice may be similarly valuable.